Jason Guo


Kinect Gesture Detect Library

Role: Programmer

Prototype Development Cycle: 10 weeks

Tools: Unity3D, Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect gesture detecting library is developed for gesture recording and detecting for multiple uses, the core algorithm is based on Dynamic Time Warping

Along with the work with gesture library, I also updated the old Kinect Unity Wrapper to Kinect SDK 1.7 and Unity 4.2, updates include added in joint orientation, seat mode, and other new functions from 1.7 SDK. 

Based on the library, I also built a gesture based game and the game will be added as an interactive activity in a kinect based installation. The game demo video and more specific information can be provided if needed.

My Hero's Journey - Storytelling Installation

Role: Lead Programmer

Prototype Development Cycle: 14 weeks

Tools: Unity3D, TUIO, OpenCV

My Hero's Journey is a semester long project for San Antonio Children's Museum. The installation, part of the SACM’s brand new Imagination Studio (opening 2015), will encourage children to explore their own stories through creative play while guiding them to organize their thoughts and tell their stories in a linear fashion. 

Working collaboratively with both the Children’s Museum and Argyle Design, the firm responsible for the new Imagination Studio space, our team aims to create an experience that uses innovative technology to facilitate the creation of tangible story product, giving children a sense of accomplishment and sense that “words are cool.” 


BVW Show-Primordia / Kinect, PS Move, Phidgets

Role: Programmer, Game Designer, Level Design

Prototype Development Cycle: 3 weeks.

Tools: Unity3D, Kinect, PS-Move

Source Code Sample

After 5 rounds of building virtual world, Juries (included faculties and alumnis) selected 14 worlds (out of 90) as a show of this course. BVW show is founded by Randy Pausch and can be dated back to 10 years ago. 

For BVW show, we modified our game less difficult and remove the timer and any other mechainic can cause player dead forever and have to restart the game. To improve the audience interaction part, we added phidgets part to recieve audience shout and scream, and then the shout can break a wall in the game which block players' way to forward. Also, on the performance side, we added a plot when we show the playing of game to help audience engaged to the game and enjoy the show.

Primordia is the last round project for BVW (Building Virtual World) course. In this round, teams didn't have any restriction or requirement about interfaces, objectives and installations. The only requirement is making a fun virtual world.

Primordia is a two players balance game, player one need to use arm to keep the world balance and tilt the world to move the ball, player two have drawing skill, which using PS Move controller to draw the path to help player one pass through some obstacles or block the dangers. Player two has three buttons on PS Move, X button to activate the slow motion, Square button is clear all the drawed mesh, and R-Trigger is for drawing. In game two player both have balanced skills, which means that they cannot pass the level without any of them. 

For the level design part, we seperate the level to 3 part. Three parts are in different layers in game, when player finish one level, they need to get into the portal and travel to next level. The interests curve increase by both increasing the difficulty of level/game and the travel visual effect. In game, the travelling part is not only a seperation of game levels, but also the visually rewarding of player finsh the level. 

On the game design side, the background story of game is based on the Primordial Soup Thoery. According to the theory, the beginning chemical compounds in the world are Methane, Ammonia, Water, Hydrogen. Based on the thoery, player as an atom which generated the life of earth, need to collect those four elements and then travel to the earth. Once the players finished the whole level, the final animation pay back all of doubts in game or at the beginning, and indicated that the earth life generated by this way.

Alice In Wonderland-PS Move

Role: Programmer, Game Designer

Prototype Development Cycle: 2 weeks

Tools: Unity3D, PS-Move

Alice in Wonderland is the project in Naive Guest Round (Round 2). In this round my team was assigned to integrate PlayStation Move to create game for guest who never or seldom play video games. The guest age range may from 7 to 70 years old. So the challenge was make the interface user-friendly and make the game objective easy for guest to understand.

In this game, guest use PS move as a camera to take picture of Alice, once they get one picture, they can get candy throw into boat as a rewarding, and the number of candy they get depends on the quality of the picture. Also, there are few bonus object in game, once the guest takes a picture of them, they can get a candy rain, which is lasting for 5 seconds.

Audio Guider

Role: Programmer

Prototype Development Cycle: 2 Months.

Tools: Cocoa SDK, Xcode

Time: Oct. 2011~Jan. 2012

Source Code is not available according to the NDA

iPhone Audio Guider is an iOS app which designed for helping tourist in unfarmiliar place. By using the Location Based technology, Audio Guider can automatically find the place of user and play the right introduction audio for them. Besides, the guider provides user much more information about tourism, such as food, sites, or suggestions. (See specifics in video)

Shape Corrector

Role: Programmer, Game Designer and Producer

Prototype Development Cycle: 2 Month 

Tools: XNA 3.5, Visual Studio

Time; 2011 Spring

Shape Corrector is a game to help children who are in age of 6 to 8 years old to learn basic measurement mathmatic skills. Shape corrector serve as an accessorial method in education and teaching. Shape Corrector is wrapped by Silverlight.

Balloon Battle

Role: Programmer

Prototype Development Cycle: 3 Months

Tools: Cocos2D, Xcode

Time: 2010 Fall

Source Code Sample

Balloon Battle is an educational game for helping people learn English in the game, the story happens in 30 years later, in game, player needs to play the role of a language saver, a robot on another planet, and help the people there rebuild their language system. In game, player needs to do some specific action, like pump the balloon, to generate the balloons, and then put the balloon on right place of blanks. Also, players could use the tool to help them pass levels.

Festa Feast

Role: Programmer

Prototype Development Cycle: 2 Months

Tools: CocoaSDK, Xcode

Time: 2009 Summer
Source Code Sample

Festa Feast is an iOS Lifestyle Reading App for helping people get familiar with Chinese culture and Chinese traditional festivals. We choose some typical festivals, give user enough introductions, and provide them and interesting small game part to attract them. Also, we provide user small games, like tiger machine and guess to give them more fun while they are reading.